What do you do when love dies?

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

What do you do when love dies?
You amourn

I love air conditioners
I think they’re FANtastic

What did the cactus say to the well-dressed porcupine?
Hey you’re looking sharp!

Why is fruit juice always so good at school?
They’re very concentrated

How did Benjamin franklin feel when he experimented with electricity?
He was shocked

What did the mother say to the son who was eating his corn too loudly?
Sorry that joke was pretty corny

What do you call people who creepily stay in corn fields?

What does the baby corn call his father?
POP (corn)

Why did the bullet leave work early?
Because he was FIRED
Sorry the joke might’ve TRIGGERED some people

What is batman’s favorite fruit?

Why can you tell corn about your problems?
They’re all ears

How do you make a reservation at the library?
You BOOK it