David’s Playlist

David Hancock, Staff Writer

Music has a unique way of altering moods. I believe that the perfect song can make your bad days better and your great days greater, depending on the mood you’re in. But to do that, the song has to have meaning. It has to have a story. So, most “popular” songs will not be included in this playlist. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m somewhat of a Broadway nut. I know, with the exception of Hamilton, that most Broadway soundtracks aren’t topping the charts, so most of you probably have never heard of half the song’s I’m suggesting you listen to. I know it’s a leap of faith, but if you trust me and listen to these songs I promise your day will get better.
So here’s a list of songs from musicals to fit whatever mood you’re in.

If you’re feeling…

really rebellious and angsty:
“Rent,” “One Song Glory,” “Another Day,” — Rent (Warning! This musical is everything about the 90s compressed into a single musical)

ready to take on the world:
“My Shot,” “Wait for It,” “Guns and Ships,” “Non-Stop,” — Hamilton

ready to tap dance:
“A Musical” — Something Rotten!
“Singing in the Rain” — Singing in the Rain

stressed out because of school:
“Dancing Through Life” — Wicked
“Take a Break” — Hamilton
“Breathe” — In the Heights

stressed out because of work or money:
“In the Heights” — In the Heights
“Look Down,” “At the End of the Day”— Les Miserables

stressed out because of a boy/girl doesn’t know you exist:
“Notice me Horton” — Seussical the Musical
“My Freeze Ray,” “A Man’s Gotta Do,” “My Eyes,” “Brand New Day” — Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (Neil Patrick Harris plays the lead in this musical)
“When Words Fail” — Shrek the Musical

Like the whole world is against you and life is crazy and hard and you don’t know what to do (aka, being an American teenager):
“Purpose,” “For Now,” — Avenue Q

This is just a small sample of all the moods Broadway can bring you. Enjoy!
P.S. Listen to “Blackout” — In the Heights if you’re in a blackout.