Disneyland tips and tricks

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

Hey guys! Its coming closer to the holidays, which means family vacations! Wintertime and the holidays is the most busy time of the year in amusement parks, especially DISNEYLAND. Now if you are going to Disneyland this year or in the near future keep reading for some tips and tricks that can help make your vacation more efficient and more enjoyable.

First thing you do when you get into the park: give (someone who can run) all your entrance tickets and tell them to run to get Space mountain fastpass tickets. Space Mountain is the most popular ride in Disneyland for fast passes so hey run out of them by the middle of they day, so if you want to ride it as soon as possible, get the fast passes as soon as possible.

Not only for Space mountain, but constantly take advantage of the fastpass option; every hour you can get a new fastpass. I would recommend to get fastpasses for all the mountains first: Space Mountain, The Matterhorn, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain.

Character breakfasts are really cool experiences, but in my opinion they are too expensive and you can meet characters throughout the park anyways.

If you want to meet characters in Disneyland there are four main (best) places to go: the Royal Hall beside the Fantasy theater (to the left of Fantasyland), Toontown, the pathway between Fantasyland and the Matterhorn, and in Tomorrowland. In the Royal Hall and right beside it, you can always find princesses like Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Merida, and many others. In Toontown you can visit the characters’ homes and be able to meet characters like Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, and Donald Duck. On the pathway between Fantasyland and the Matterhorn you can usually find Peter Pan and Captain Hook, the Evil Queen, Alice and the Mad Hatter, and sometimes Princess Aurora. In Tomorrowland you will be able to find out-of-this-world characters like Kylo Ren, stormtroopers, Chewbacca, Spider-Man, Thor, and sometimes Captain America.

Performances not to miss are the Royal Theater shows, Mickey and the Magical Map, Fantasmic, and any parades that may be shown at the time. Soundsational is one parade that has been around for a while and I would encourage trying to find a seat to watch the second showing that day because there are less people watching it. Fantastic is a nighttime show that is in New Orleans square, and in order to watch it, you must get a ticket for the show at one of the small “booths” (the process is much like getting a fastpass for a ride).

Small details to not miss: Snow White’s wishing well in Fantasyland, the nightime tree “lighting” beside pixie hollow, the singing pirates in New Orleans Square, and the Rapunzel tower beside the Royal theater at night.

So by the way I’m waiting on the opening night of Moana and excited to watch it sometime soon!