The Week of Gratitude

Helen Le, Sports Editor

Welcome back! I hope all of you had a refreshing break, a delicious Thanksgiving, and — if you went shopping on Black Friday — found incredible deals. I hope you weren’t lonely, and I hope you’re ready for one last month before the end of the semester, winter break, and 2017.

Before we plunge into an existential crisis, though, I want to appreciate Thanksgiving and my break experience. I went to the movies three times in four days, and I’m not even normally a movie-goer unless my friends invite me out to see new screenings. I got to see some of my old friends from middle school on the one day I didn’t go to the movies, and it was fun and surprisingly not awkward at all. Even though I hadn’t seen them in three years, we were all hanging out comfortably, talking like we had just been with each other yesterday.

Before the week began, though, the holiday of Thanksgiving ignited some introspective thinking for me. Nothing deep, really. Just the usual gratitude attitude that many people take on when the fourth Thursday of November draws near. Up next: the product of that.

There is much to be grateful in life. I’m thankful for everything and everyone who has led me to where I am today. I’m pretty lucky to have come so far without very many hardships. The true obstacles that affected my life were overcome by my parents and theirs, before and after they arrived to the U.S. from Vietnam. When I fill out those recommendation forms asking of what personal hardships I have faced, I’m privileged enough to have to think about actual challenges, besides the usual that everybody faces.

I like to think that I’m articulate when it comes to thanking the people in my life. I like to think that texting people “Thanks for being in my life” or something similar is enough to pay them back for changing my life for the better. I like to think that my family and friends and people I look up to always know how much I care about them.

That’s not always so, though.

Because, sometimes, I experience that feeling of loneliness. Yes, the girl with everything — a roof over her head, food on the table, everything provided for — sometimes feels like nobody really cares about her. Wow! How inconsiderate! Irritating, too, because my friends are always there for me. When they know I’m down, they make sure to reach out and check up on me. And there are others who aren’t so fortunate to have such amazing people surrounding them.

Others probably feel that way too, though. That feeling of being alone. So I try to make sure that they know that I’m here for them.

Thank you for staying with me. Please do the same for others. They’ll appreciate it.

Happy Late Thanksgiving,