Past or Future? #2

Adannaya Binder, Staff Writer

Lathan Mehrab, Freshmen

-The past because, there was great music back then and to see how my parents were doing back then. I would probably go back to the 80’s because that’s where most of the good rap music was made.

Earli Jerrick, Junior

-Past, because it sounds like it was fun back then. Also it seems like most of the good styles originated from the past. Would go back to the 90’s because of the afro, and other styles were popular.

Alannise Rodriguez, Junior

-I’d rather live in the future because the past is the past, and the future is something new, something to look forward to.

Celina Villalon

-Rather live in the future because I feel like it’s very promising. If I work hard now, I know that my hard work will pay off and it will be successful.