What happened to the bullet that got in trouble at work

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

What happened to the bullet that got in trouble at work?
He was FIRED
(Sorry if this joke TRIGGERS some people)

what happened to the bread that didn’t finish his chores?
He was toast
Sorry were you not bread-y for that pun?
I loaf(love) puns like that
They’re a real slice
But my puns have been butter than this I know
Don’t be peanut butter and jell-ous of my skills
I’m nuTELLING you they’re not that bad

What do you call bad drawings of dinos?
A sight for dinoSORE eyes
That’s such an ancient joke
You can bet jurass(ic) it was good though

Why can everyone carry the sun?
Because it’s light

Why can’t anyone tell fish jokes??
Because they always go unFIN-

What do you call an odd horse?ewzsjyrekuerluvyrliytbiutlibuy
A unique-corn

Why do so many people like peter pan?
Because they get HOOKed

What happens when you have do you call the best steak?
A GRILL-y good steak

What do you call a bad steak?

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