Class Retake #3

Dulce Rojas, Staff Writer

High school students bawl, cry, and even hold a grudge if they don’t get the grade they longed for.
For Bear Creek students, there’s most likely to be one class that brought all-nighters, anguish, and a poor grade — making students want to retake it.

“I would retake some of my classes,” junior Brandon Ney said. “Just to get an A.”

Class retakes are always an option; and for the most part, students in my grade level have expressed their desires to either retake a class for a higher grade, or simply because they wish to “redo” their time.

First and second quarter grades make students feel anxious, and even worse if there’s a C or F students can’t do anything about. Consequently, many students have tried taking classes over the summer(in order to retake a failed semester of a class if not offered over the summer at their school) but couldn’t due to lack of space.

Towards the end of last year, counselors had to choose five students based on a first-come, first-serve basis, in order to take the highly popular class, American Government and Economics. Limited space for enrichment courses defeated the purpose of highschool students who wanted to advance.

However, regular classes held for summer schools were open. Yet, not many students whom I conversed with last year, took their failed or barely-passed classes.

Parents and guardians make students feel pressured to do well in school but that’s not it: there are still preoccupations and worries that fill up students’ minds, and can become worse if nothing can remediate a failed course.

On the contrary to a failed class, some students express the desire to retake a class because they would like to have had a different teacher, or simply for enjoyment.

“[I] didn’t do anything in my junior year English class, and I wanted a different teacher,” an anonymous senior said. The student remarked that she was in an easy class, and by the time she wanted to switch out, it was too late — she had been in there for the first quarter.

Some good advice after reading this would be for students to take more consideration into the effort they put into their class, switch out if you know you’ll do bad, or get tutoring.