Past or Future? #3

Kylie Yamada, Feature Editor

Which scenario is more appealing to you: marching with Civil Rights activists or discovering the movements of the future? Going to an Elvis concert or checking out what kind of cool VR video games they have? Visiting ancient civilizations, or becoming friends with a robot? Bear Creek’s students answer the age-old question: is the future or the past better?

“Future, because the past sucks and the future is always better.” – Jasmine Syrovatka, senior.
“I want to live in the past, where cavemen used to use rocks to make fire. It was a simpler time.” – Johnathan Ruiz, senior.
“I think it’s gonna be the future, cause it’s cool and there’ll be cool technology.” – Jerome Tarangco, senior.
“Past, because they had better music.” – Ashley Pina, junior.

Personally, I vote for the future. The past is just too predictable; I’d like to live in new and exciting times.