Bucket List #8

Aaron Tam, Opinion Editor

What are some of the things on your bucket list?
“Go to every state of the United States, have my house paid off, watch grandchildren grow up, and go see the aurora borealis.” teacher Joyce Dedini

“Go to Europe, or all the countries of Europe.” Senior Bryan Phan

“I want to go to Hawaii.” Junior Cameron Bladney

“Make a website and take a computer building class.” Freshman Aaron Ouk

“I want to build a computer.” Junior Ellis Chan

“Go skydiving, ocean diving, surfing, ocean fishing, and win the lottery.” Senior Nathan Vang

“Go skydiving.” Senior Miguel Garcia

“Ride the fastest car in the world.” Junior Erickson Camangian

“Go to Japan.” Senior Johnathan Ruiz

“I want to see Drake with my friends.” Senior Genevi Concha