DIY Candy Surprise

DIY Candy Surprise

Rachel Dinh-Lopez, Staff Writer

Christmas is less than twenty days away and in honor of low-budget students looking for creative, inexpensive gifts, I’ve decided to DIY a sweet and easy mason jar gift: Candy Surprise.

You will need:
Mason jar
Candy of your choice
Hot glue gun
Hot glue stick
Construction paper
Surprise of your choice

Step 1: Cut the construction paper into a rectangle strip with a width as wide as the mason jar.

Step 2: Roll the construction paper into the shape of a cylinder.

Step 3: Use the hot glue gun to place the glue at the bottom of the cylinder and stick it at the bottom of the mason jar.

Step 4: Allow the glue to dry for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Place the M&M’s candies on the outside of the cylinder until the candy reaches the top of the mason jar.

Step 6: Place the surprise of your choice, perhaps money, inside of the cylinder and cover the jar.

Step 7 (optional): Add ribbon around the top of the mason jar and tie it to give a more festive look.

Whether you are choosing gifts for a friend, sister, brother, or teacher, they will all appreciate sweets and surprises this holiday season.