7 Campus Improvement Ideas

Jerice Banola, Staff Writer

Whether it is by running or learning, everyone seeks to improve — improve their surroundings, their lives, and themselves. Here are campus improvement ideas given by fellow Bear Creek students!

Edric Liong, senior
“More bathrooms open to students would be pleasing as I have to pee a lot.” Bathrooms are a sanctuary of peace for many – it’s no wonder more bathrooms is a top request.

Devin Suy, senior
“Changes to the student parking lot to create easier accessibility.” After the installment of the dividers in the student parking lot and in the staff parking lot, traffic has congested more than usual, creating more tardies and more impatient drivers.

Lily Lim, freshman
“More positive messages to uplift students’ spirits and create a more pleasant experience [would be beneficial].” Being self-conscious of one’s body is an issue more commonly seen in high school students; “body-praising” may serve as an antidote to this recurring issue.

Kiana Guintu, sophomore
“Anything really to beautify the campus and make us even more proud to go to his school.”

Bea Dela Cruz, senior
“Fixing the stage near the cafeteria to make our campus more presentable would be wonderful.”

Jaelyn Ha, sophomore
“All the dried up gum on the floor is a little unappealing aesthetically but it would take a lot to fix.”

Kimberly Hoang, junior
“Maybe repainting the school to make the atmosphere more vibrant and not as dreary and prison-like.”