Annual naughty or nice list


Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton

Traffic in the student parking lot

College application fees

The Every Student Succeeds Act raising AP test fees for students with free or reduced lunch from $5 to $63

2016 clown craze

Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando


Halloween on a Monday

Powderpuff on a Monday

Galaxy S7 Note phones and their “secure” replacements

iPhone 7’s without the headphone jack

Cheer losing both JV and Varsity coaches

No more Vine


Male birth control study getting cancelled because of “mood swing” side effects

Paris attacks

So many teachers planning on retiring

Deaths of Prince, Christina Grimmie, and Alan Rickman

Hurricane Matthew

BLM protests and rallies turning violent


BC football team and other sports teams for doing great this fall season

JK Rowling for planning a five-part series starting with “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”


The Obamas


Promethean Boards for some teachers and Chromebooks for every student

Mrs. Harrell for being a great new principal

Glasses for color blind people and hearing aids that end language barriers

NASA’s New Horizon flying by Pluto

US-Cuba reconciliation

Election season finally being over

The Duffelite vs. LaRuester competition for encouraging all juniors and helping them believe in themselves

Ms. Baysinger coming back

Frank Ocean’s new album: Blonde

Stockton’s first African-American Mayor, Michael Tubbs, being elected

Kamala Harris becoming the country’s first Indian American senator as well as California’s first black senator