Finals week!!!!

Erin Baquiran, Staff Writer


Self-deprecating jokes have been overwhelmingly abundant this week and it’s only Monday. I’ve been studying like CRAZY over the last week for finals that will either make or break my grades. Continuing studying throughout the weekend was absolutely insane as well, especially because my family from the Philippines came over for the holidays. There are now TEN PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE WHILE I AM STUDYING FOR FINALS. It is so loud in the house and it is so hard to find a quiet place to study. My plan is to study at Panera with my friends so I could study in peace.

It can be fun studying though, meaning that I can find ways to explain certain topics I vaguely understand and learn at a higher rate. My friends help a ton with my studying and explain everything to me in ways I can easily understand. Studying on my own is more difficult because I would always find myself drifting off and procrastinating. Also when I’m on my own, I have mini existential crises… those are always fun!

I tend to eat a lot when I study too, so study groups at Panera always benefit me in the long run. AP US History and calculus are the main topics I study there and I always eat at least $10 of my feelings as I study.

Not to mention, SOME THINGS I STUDY ARE NOT GUARANTEED ON THE TEST. For example, last night I studied very hard for the APUSH essay and reviewing old topics like the American Revolution intensely. Once I was seated in the class for 5th period, I found myself so sad, because nothing is studied the night and two nights before was on the essay. I was so disappointed, but luckily I had songs memorized from the theatrical production of Hamilton that helped me explained the arguments of Jefferson and Hamilton. So all in all, my hours of studying were a waste and I could’ve gone into the essay with at least 8 hours of sleep. Yay!

I mean I know studying helps enhance our brains and shape our way of thinking… but so does sleep!

Well, the rest of the week I have four major finals that I have to ace in order to have the grades I need. Hopefully my studies are going to pay off…

Well I’m done complaining to the internet. Good luck guys! And may the odds be ever in your favor.