Why do you always buy things from an astronaut

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

Why do you always buy things from an astronaut?
Because their products are always out of this world

Sorry I tend to love outer space puns because I’m a star!
I don’t planet to go this way
But when I say puns like this I always ROCKET

Is the sun heavy?
No, it’s light!

Why did the star go to jail?
It was shooting

Why did the man laugh when he looked up at the night sky?
He just got mooned

A good joke about cows?
That’s unHERD of!
I’m really milking it this time!

Why can’t nice, toeless people drink milk?
Because they lack toes and tolerant

Pennies are so fake omg. They aren’t even pure copper! Like who do they zinc they are?

I love jokes about the nose! They always make scents

What is the best way to cut down the worth of a money tree?

The flight? It wasn’t PLANEd out very well