STarting up a business?

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

Hey guys! Over break I found ways to free up my schedule and have more time to work on some projects I’ve been meaning to work on. Well auditioning and working out are always on the list of things to do besides homework, but I’ve been meaning to really push on starting up my own t-shirt business.

I call it EB Tees. I’ve been wanting to find ways to make money without getting an official job and working somewhere because my schedules are always so packed. My dad also was starting to get irritated from me asking money from him all the time, but that’s besides the point.

Last year “Santa” got me a t-shirt printing set, and I felt like that was a pretty big hint for me to start my own business, but I never go a chance to really work on it. I always tried to doodle designs and daydream about new ideas to print, but it’s very different from actually doing the work.

With my freed up schedule, I am starting to push for it more and force myself to learn more about making shirts, not only designing, and trying to find more efficient ways to get the work done. I am also learning how to communicate with other businesses across the world and find other products for my shirts so they can be better quality.

Many problems with the printer itself have risen and are extremely irritating, but I am learning how to repair it. The malfunctions also push me to work harder and maybe profit enough to get a new printer entirely so that the shirts will be better quality AND less labor for me.

Each shirt and design I make by hand and it is not time efficient at all. Sure, I have fun and it is calming, but it would be nice to make it easier to work.

Starting up a new business is a very weird transition, because there’s a bit of pressure that comes into play because you have to make sure every single product is perfect and worth the money that people will pay for. Not only my own designs, but people tend to also request designs so they take up more time to do.

Hopefully I can make this business successful and continue to make it the best it can be. There’s so many things I have to learn and do and I can’t wait for the future of it.