Gosh, another rant

David Hancock, Staff Writer

Dear readers,

Before you begin reading this, know that I’ve been in a super emo, angsty, mad-at-society mood, so this is gonna be a rant. A real rant. An, “Oh my god, David’s losing it,” kind of rant. You’ve been warned.

I’ll just say it: I’m a conservative, I voted for Trump, I’m a Republican, and I’m sick of it all.

First of all, I hate political parties. It’s so stupid how they’ve become such an integral part of our political culture when George Washington, the greatest president ever, warned us in his farewell address how partisan fighting is trash. I get why we have parties, we need them. Without opposing views we give way to one institution ruling it all and having too much power, and an entire country will never agree on everything so we need leaders who will stand up for all different views. But now, all parties do is divide and generalize every person in the country so that we hardly ever give a person of another party the time of day, much less listen to their views and beliefs.

I hate how politics is a touchy subject. It shouldn’t be. No matter how much you disagree with another person’s political opinions, remember that they just want what’s best for all of us. Politicians, good and bad, are (generally) just trying to make society better. Well, except when they’re exploring their power for personal gain. And the worst part is that we can never know which politicians doing it for us and which ones are in it for themselves since they’re masters at public speaking and know how to manipulate a crowd.

I say this all speaking in general terms because I know not all politicians are bad. I’m sure if I met them and got to know the politicians I’d like them, but that can’t happen because they live in like a different spectrum than the rest of us. And even if, hypothetically, I got to meet the president or something, I would never know if they were being genuine or if they were just playing a part to get me to like (and vote for) them. And if it’s so easy to manipulate people in person, how much easier must it be when politicians have huge teams of people controlling their exposure to the rest of the world to make sure they are being portrayed in a certain way, and not necessary they way they really are?

I know I’ve already said a lot about how much I hate lying and how much I hate not being able to trust the government, so I’ll spare you the agony of hearing me go through that again.

The last thing I’ll say before I go to bed and get the sleep I need to stop being so punk rock (which I also hate, which just makes me more punk rock. Thanks irony) is that I hate hypocrisy. Mainly, I hate intolerance when you say you’re all about accepting all people.

This will probably make a lot of you mad, but I think liberals have been pretty mean lately. At least where I am, in super left-wing California and being a teenager in high school (teens being notoriously liberal), I don’t feel comfortable sharing my beliefs. And that makes me sad, because although I disagree with liberal viewpoints and left-wing values, I understand that people have the right to believe what they will, free from persecution. The media is mean too. They make me feel like I’m a terrible, misogynistic, racist person because I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, who was a terrible person to run for the Democratic Party. Honestly, when we put labels aside, a lot of us want the same thing, so I can be pretty liberal at times and would, if the candidate were good enough, vote for a liberal if they were actually a worthy leader. But she wasn’t.

Anyways, back to how liberals make me feel bad for existing. I know in places that are not California, liberals can feel as scared as I am to share their views because they are surrounded by conservatives, and I hate that just as much, so don’t think I’m only bashing liberals right now. I’m mad at anyone who judges people before they know them and know the reasons behind their beliefs, whether they’re an elephant or a donkey (which are really weird party mascots, by the way).

I’m a conservative, well, I am as much as I can be while still hating being identified with a particular set of beliefs. I know most of the people in my life don’t agree with what I believe, but I don’t want to hide who I am anymore.

So, to all my readers out there, the next time someone talks about politics, think before you give them a dirty look, think before you tune them out, think before you get in their face, think before you decide to hate them. Who knows? If put aside your prejudice, you might just make a friend.

Let’s listen to each other again,
David Hancock