Lizard People Rule the World

Giancarlo Lizarraga, Staff Writer

Never have I been more amused than by the aberrant theories of the world’s citizens who believe in the presence of the reptilian elite.

This is no joke;There are humans on our planet Earth who assure the population that lizard people are in control of all global actions.

David Icke is often credited with the notion that our world’s leaders are in fact blood-drinking, flesh-eating, and shape-shifting creatures. Not only that, but Icke also claims that these deceiving monsters come from beyond the stars.

Icke isn’t the only follower of this conspiracy.

The English writer and public speaker has gained crowds of up to 6,000 people and has supporters in up to 47 countries. A U.S. voter poll from 2013 done by Public Policy Polling released results detailing that “4% of voters say they believe ‘lizard people’ control our societies by gaining political power.”

According to his own website, Icke’s book The Biggest Secret (1999) is credited as “the conspiracy theorist’s Rosetta Stone.”

Before all this talk about reptilian aliens, Icke was a BBC sports presenter and a spokesperson for the Green Party. However, in 1990 Icke received a message through the mystical relay of a psychic which prompted the man to call himself the “Son of the Godhead.”

From this point forward Icke’s reputation as a crazed loon has smudged his credibility, but it has also defined him as a leader for New Age conspiracism.

Icke is adamant about the power of the reptilian elite who have been performing as human world leaders such as George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II.

The theory has also been popularized by internet culture with figures such as Beyonce and Obama being noted as reptilians and leaders of the infamous Illuminati. These speculations have manifested in the physical world when a voter in a 2008 U.S. Senate election wrote in “Lizard People” as a candidate, even if it was meant as a jest.

Although Icke’s ideas may seem outlandish and controversial, they do succeed in making our reality a little less serious and for that I appreciate this passionate Englishman.