Helen Le, Sports Editor

I will never understand why people choose to be obnoxious in a movie theater.

Why do you feel the need to ruin something for other people because you’re stuck in a bubble of self-entitlement?

I’m not salty anymore, but jeez, that’s probably one of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy La La Land as much as my friends did.

Also, don’t try to fix something that’s broken. You’ll just end up breaking it.

Why do you need to change only one of the signature flavors by adding stuff? Now it’s too tart. Why couldn’t you just make an entirely new flavor of yogurt? Why do you need to package this one kind of granola bar together with another but sell the rest of the kinds separately as well? I’M NOT GOING TO FALL FOR YOUR MARKETING PLOY. I’M JUST GOING TO GO ON A DIET NOW.

Which is good, since track has begun. Fellow sprinter here. This season seems really daunting, but I’m out here to destroy personal records. There’s this one time that I’ve wanted to achieve since freshman year and I’m two seconds off (in the 400), and I swear, I will smash that to bits. I’ll do even better.

Everything is going so fast! Sophie asked me how many years it has been since 2012, and I had to think about it for a moment. (“Two?”) And over the weekend, I had a revelation about exactly how long I’ve been in high school with my friends. Longer than I was in middle school. Blows my mind sometimes, that I’ve progressed this much as a person.

And now juniors are choosing their classes this week. The future looms closer. I just want to be successful. Is that too much to ask?

Happy lunar new year! It’s been a good weekend for that. And the Super bowl is this Sunday. Sadies, Valentine’s Day, other holidays aka days we get off. Hopefully I’ll be getting my license in March, too.

Oh, and we’re definitely all in this together. My weekend may have been quite peaceful, but I know it was tumultuous for many across the world, including Canada and those who are travelling. We really do become desensitized, but I’ve only gained more respect for those willing to fight for rights and human decency. Maybe I will look more into law.

I need to wrap up some television shows before starting new ones. I always tell myself that. But I’ll take recommendations!! Also, #savegmw.

(C9 Blue totally dominating right now.)

Okay, sorry for all the segmented thoughts. Erin will update you better. I’ll bid farewell with a recommendation of Culture.