Reliving September 22, 2015

Jasmine Sriprasuet, Staff Writer

If I could relive one day, I’d relive September 22, 2015. It’s actually a day after my birthday but September 22nd could outshine any one of my birthdays ten times over. So many emotions were building up within me leading to that day. I was overwhelmed with happiness. My nerves were on edge. And it felt as if I was on ecstasy (not that I know what that feels like). Now, this was the day I went to the concert of one of my favorite bands, Bangtan Soyeondan (BTS). I had been extremely lucky to get these tickets for such a cheap price. It was like a dream since not only was I going to see them perform live, I was also going to meet them face to face. The tickets I got had the benefit of a high touch which is basically meeting them personally. The mere thought of it made me so happy that I felt like I’d explode into glitter and confetti!

The concert venue was in San Francisco at the Nourse Theater. The theater was small and easy to overlook. I would have missed it if it wasn’t for the long line leading to the door. I lined up and soon found out that it was the wrong line. The line was for VIPs and technically I wasn’t a VIP so I went to another line on the other side of the building leading to the same door. I was 5th in the new line. I was worried that I wouldn’t get a good seat because there were at least over a hundred people in the VIP Line. I expected that they would go in first and take all the good seats. But I was wrong. It turns out the concert managers had trouble with the event and delayed it an hour. I didn’t mind since I was just happy I finally got to see one of my favorite bands perform live but the concert managers couldn’t take the pressure and finally said to just go in! I walked as fast as I could in line that was being crammed with multiple people in a tiny two door entrance. I manage to be one of the first people to get inside and I got a really, really good seat. I was about five meters away from the stage. The theater itself was small and had a balcony. It was cozy and dim just like any theater. I sat in a couple rows away from the stage. Their opening artist came out and performed and that was good but I was waiting for the main act!

After maybe four songs, BTS finally was going to perform. The lights shut off and then a dim spot light turned on, illuminating a body standing in the middle of the stage. At that moment, I knew automatically which song they were going to perform. Everyone screamed and the performance began. They performed their track “Dope” from their “Best Moment in Life pt.1” album. Their dancing was flawless! Their singing and rapping was amazing and was ten times better live!! I was yelling the lyrics along with the crowd. It was honestly amazing. Everyone was in sync with the lyrics and was hyped to the max. I was at the point of crying because I was so happy. They performed all their hits with no break! I remember their fierce expressions and crisp dance moves. Sweat covered their bodies and made their white shirts cling to them as their muscles flexed with every move. I was in awe with their professionalism and passion. I always knew they were like this but actually seeing it in the flesh moved me by ten folds.

My cheeks were flushed and a light cover of sweat covered my forehead from dancing and jumping with the crowd during the concert. BTS finally stopped performing and took a break to drink some water. They began to speak to us about how they enjoyed San Francisco’s scenery. They talked about the cafe they went to and about the next time they were going to come to San Francisco. They then went to their changing room to get ready for the high touch event. The lights came on and the concert managers explained that we would meet them on the way out the venue. The doors finally opened and fans began to make a line leading to the doors. I was a little closer to the end of the line. I was fine up until I stepped outside the door. Then I saw them. BTS consist of seven members; Namjoon, Jin, Taehyung, Jungkook,Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jimin. Jimin is my favorite member.

They looked so handsome, tall, and practically flawless. They were standing in a line and as soon as I saw Namjoon smiling at me with his hand out, I immediately froze and it felt as if my soul left my body. I was still walking towards him but it was as if I couldn’t control my body. I had so much to say to each member but all I could manage to say was “Hi.” Namjoon’s smile was a charming eye smile that was the cutest! Next was Taehyung, though I didn’t really remember my moment with him since he seemed really tired and sad.

I was almost completely out of it and began to lower my head subconsciously but the next member, Hoseok soft held my hands and I automatically looked up at him and oh boy, am I glad that I did. I saw the most amazing sight ever. His radiating smile practically blinded me. His hands were warm and soft. His skin glowed and at that moment, he looked like an actual angel. My heart almost exploded. I couldn’t help but smile wide with him and get lost into his eyes. It was amazing.

Next was Jimin, my favorite member. My cheeks never felt as hot until that exact moment. Though I was almost completely out of it and despite the fact that I only had a few seconds to meet them, I still managed to hold onto his hand. He had held out his hand to high five mine softly but as soon as our palms touched, they interlaced and he held my hand firmly. I looked up to see him smiling while tilting his head to the side. His face was almost in front of mine. He had the cutest eye smile displayed on his face. At that moment, I had died. We held hand for a while, just looking at each other. One of the managers had to nudge my back to signal that we had to keep the line moving.

I was so enamored with Jimin that the members after that were kind of a blur. After Jimin was Jungkook. Jungkook was really tall and his hand was bigger than mine. I remember seeing his shoulders and head. But the details in his face were kind of blurry. I didn’t get to have any eye contact with him.

The next member was Yoongi and I literally just looked at his hand and shirt as I lightly high fived him sadly. After Yoongi was Jin. Jin is known for having large shoulders and I have to say, people weren’t lying about it. We were standing so close that I felt bad. I was so out of it. I was so drained emotionally and physically that I didn’t register to step back. He was polite enough to smile still and held his hand against mine slightly longer and then I exited the venue. It was bittersweet after that.

I wish I could relive that day because then I’d be more prepared and be able to see them perform again. The feelings from that day were one of extreme happiness, love, and excitement. It was one of the best moments in my life.

Yes. I just made a pun with their album name.