ALL TEH JOAKS BRUH!!!!!1!11!1!!!!

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

I was driving down the street one day then all of a sudden… I just stopped.
Maybe it was SIGN

I love deer but i don’t really caribou-t them

Where do spiders go to see if they’re sick?
Web MD

Why did the lamb not want to speak in front of his class?
He felt a bit sheepish

Why did the goat insult his friend?
He was KID-ding around

Why did the young deer break the rules?
He was just foal-ing around

People who do snow sports have so much SKI-ll

I could compete in curling! I would sweep the floor with any team!

Sorry don’t PUN-ish me! I’m going through a pun block at the moment!
Hey now I said sorry! No need to be a PUN-k.