(This is deep)

David Hancock, Staff Writer

Dear mortals,

To blog, or not to blog. That is the questions. Whether ‘tis nobler to blog something meaningful and relevant or to suffer the slings and arrows of unfinished thought. To die, to sleep.

Thus is my Shakespearian rant. To rant, perchance, to dream. Aye, therin lies the rub. For in that rantful speech with words may come? When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must make is give pause. Pause, and think.

Think, to say, is to be; for I think, therefore I am. But to be, but not believe, is to be not. And if one believes, but does not, then one believes not. If one is, but does not do, then one is not.

More words, less matter; therefore, make your words matter. For words, words, words, without purpose are noise, noise, noise. And words are merely words until the word is given life, given purpose, given action. Action. To do.

To do is to make true. For “it is not who we are inside, but what we do that matters.” (Batman) Matter. To matter is to be true, to be real. To last, but how long? For mortal are we, so how can we leave a legacy?

For, wherein lies our legacy? Where, therefore, is our memory, our remembrance. For to rant, to speak, to dream, but not do; we leave nothing behind but the dust off our shoe.

Therefore do, and not merely “try.” For to “try” is to fail, to try is a lie. Do, or do not; but rather, DO! Take life by the neck and shake loose all it’s treasures. Live with purpose, live with meaning; for to live without, is to die before death, and to die is to become nothing but rot.

But for those who live, who’s dreams are made true, to die is to win. To die is to live, for to die with a legacy is to make said legacy great. For legacy is to plant seeds in a garden one never sees, thus, to cease to see is to see one’s legacy.

I had caffeine at lunch,
David Hancock