BC Foundation supports academics and sports

New officers needed for ’17-’18

BC Foundation supports academics and sports

Sandra Sunio, Staff Writer

Although many of Bear Creek’s extracurricular activities such as clubs, theater, and athletics depend heavily on the Bear Creek Educational and Athletic Foundation, some students are unaware of the group’s contribution to various groups on campus.

The Foundation focuses on supporting and providing assistance for students’ extra curricular activities. They work together as a local community — teachers, parents, coaches, administrators, and community members — to build a better future for the students.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to be involved in Bear Creek,” outgoing president Anne Swehla-Garcia said. “Our group has really grown.”

Some fundraisers the Foundation has sponsored include Bruins on the Run, Bruins Uncorked, fireworks booths, and the most recent event, Creek Con. Various groups on campus, such as journalism, student government, track and field, and Kababayan benefit from these fundraisers by volunteering to work for the different events, and in turn, the Foundation gives a portion of the funds to the group.

“The BC Foundation has helped Kababayan by giving us another source of fundraising and financial stability,” senior Aleena Lano said. “This is our first year in Foundation, but we’re enjoying the process, and we like being a part of it.”

The Bear Creek Science Olympiad team also benefits from the fundraisers by raising funds to help pay for supplies needed for certain events.

“Participating and working with Foundation helps us raise funds for robotic parts for some of our events, which actually cost a lot of money,” senior Linh Pham said. “The Foundation has helped us be in more contact with the community because they help raise these funds.”

Some groups say that the Foundation has helped them connect more with the community and find more sources of help and support. Rather than being exclusive to Bear Creek staff, the BC Foundation is open to the whole community, which some groups also express gratitude for.

“It gives our parents an opportunity to come in and understand what is going on in our campus and how money works and flows,” track and field head coach Lauren Fromm said. “[Track] uses the money for invitationals and equipment — essentially, anything that we don’t get money from the district for, which are quite a few things.”

The Foundation also aims to fund more than athletics, clubs, and the various departments in Bear Creek. Every year, they provide four scholarships for seniors, however, they have decided to give out five this year — one specifically for foster children which was donated by alumna Amelia Cook and her mother Debbie Cook.

This is Swehla-Garcia’s fifth and last year serving as the president of Foundation, and the Foundation is looking for a new president and vice president in March and April to serve for next year’s term.

“It’s been a pleasure being part of the Foundation,” Swehla-Garcia said.