Seniors spearhead Beautify Bear Creek movement

Sandra Sunio, Staff Writer

In hopes of beautifying the campus and sparking a love movement, a group of students has created an Instagram account dedicated to making BCHS a better, safer, and cleaner place.

Senior Delaney Byrne spearheaded the Beautify Bear Creek Instagram page with the help of her two friends, seniors Breyana Hilliard and Erica Cremona. To kick things off, they first made a disclaimer that they are not a club; instead, they are a group of dedicated students working to improve Bear Creek.

“I don’t want this movement to be based on one person’s ideas,” Byrne said. “I want it to be a group effort where everyone comes up with ideas and projects to tackle. There is no leader, no president, and no council.”

The trio had their first meeting in the library in November and welcomed anyone to join them; around five students attended. Their first projects were Take What You Need flyers and “I love Bear Creek because…” posters. The Take What You Need flyers included love, happiness, various compliments, and money. Some of the slips that had ‘money’ on it had an actual dollar taped on the back.

Students who participated in the “I love Bear Creek because…” project each wrote down one reason why they loved Bear Creek. Some students said they love Bear Creek because of its creativity, diversity and spirit.

Byrne says their primary focus is solely to improve the campus, since many clubs already reach out to the community.

“There are a lot of clubs at Bear Creek that better our community, but not many focus on our campus,” Byrne said. “My vision was to create a student movement that works together to improve our campus. I really want to spread more positivity and happiness around the school.”

The group has more projects planned for this coming spring.

“Breyana and I have great plans to tackle the duck pond once it starts warming up,” Byrne said. “I know a lot of students comment about how nasty it is, and I know that if we get approval to renovate it, a lot of students would like to help.”

AVID teacher and Conflict Mediation adviser Lisa Deeter says she is a big proponent for the Beautify BC movement.

“Anytime a student or group of students promote kindness, positivity, inclusiveness, and empathy, I think it’s like dropping a pebble in a pond,” Deeter said. “It ripples, and you never know how far it reaches, but it goes far and makes change.”

The goal for this movement is to impact others in a positive way to make Bear Creek more welcoming to students.

“No matter how small or how big, everyone deserves an act of kindness,” Hilliard said. “Teachers, students, administrators, lunch ladies, security, literally everyone.”