First weeks of Trump presidency a flurry of actions – and words

Marino Dominguez, Staff Writer

As the leader of the free world, any decision made by the President in the initial days of his term can shift the ideals of the nation — from the economy to foreign relations — and ultimately will determine how the president is remembered in history.

As president, the first 100 days of office are often considered the most important time in office — in those first several weeks, every executive order, bill and law can either make followers stand up and unite or turn away and resent the government.

President Trump made a slough of campaign promises, ranging anywhere from a line of executive orders reversing Obamacare to a 55-foot wall along the Mexican-American border. The majority of the promises turned undecided voters to the President’s favor on November 8.

One plan is the Mexican-American border wall. Spanning 1,954 miles, the 55-foot tall wall would be the first of its kind in American history. Critics have attacked its viability in modern times.

President Trump’s team has estimated the wall will cost anywhere from $10 billion to $25 billion dollars. President Trump has assured Americans that they will not be funding the wall, which would go against one of the Republican’s biggest promises: maintaining the minimum taxes. “Mexico will pay for the wall!” said Trump in September via Twitter.

Now that he is elected, his payment plan has changed. Congress has suggested that the only realistic way of having a border wall would be to first use American tax dollars.

Mexico has repeatedly denounced Trump’s plan for Mexico to finance the construction, most recently canceling a meeting between President Trump and President Nieto referring to trade negotiations. The two leaders conversed over phone for about an hour, agreeing not to talk publicly about the border wall.

Another goal for Trump’s campaign was repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The repealing of Obamacare has already begun, with recent House and Senate approvals for rebudgeting and repeal, and people have been wondering what the President has in store for his version of affordable healthcare. There has yet to be a plan introduced or proposed to either the House or Senate by President Trump’s team.

Additionally, Trump, the author of “The Art of the Deal,” made it very clear that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would be a focus of his during his first 100 days, saying he will negotiate the trade himself. NAFTA allows free trade between North America and has been debated among Democrats and Republicans since its inception in 1994, because it forces the United States to give free trade to Mexico and Canada.

The stance President Trump has taken from day one of his campaign is that NAFTA is “a complete disaster.” NAFTA is accused of taking American factory jobs to foreign countries where it is cheaper to pay workers.

One promise was Trump’s “extreme vetting,” banning seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. Many supporters have been very pleased by the President’s sense of border security.

“I agree with his ban on Muslims entering the country because I believe there is truly a terrorist threat and the only way to stop it for now is a temporary ban until there is a permanent solution, which Trump is working on right now,” junior Kyle Fry said.

Others disagree with Trump’s stance on a range of issues.

“Trump doesn’t respect women, he doesn’t care about others and doesn’t believe in equality; a Muslim ban goes against religious equality, and it’s unfair,” junior Sammi Maynard said.

Along with new policies, the President has continued to form his cabinet, with the most recent selection of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. DeVos was the subject of much criticism during her hearing in front of the Senate.

Two Republicans joined the Democrats in their push to vote down DeVos, but in a historic Vice President tie-breaking vote, DeVos was confirmed.
President Trump began executing campaign promises during his first week of office, including executive orders removing the United States from TPP, pushing through with the Keystone Pipeline, and funding the border wall. These promises are being fulfilled with speed, and many Trump supporters are happy with his ability to deliver on his word.