Comedy Sportz battles with skits, stories, and games

Serra Raquel, Entertainment Editor

Imagine being thrown up on stage to perform and entertain a crowd of people with no script, no rehearsal, and no preparation. For Bear Creek’s Comedy Sportz club, these are the components that make up a Friday night.

So, what exactly is Comedy Sportz? Comedy Sportz is a world-recognized improv and sketch comedy organization that was founded by Richard Gerald Chudnow in 1984.

The organization is centered around the art of comedy played as a sport where two teams battle with skits, stories, and games based on audience suggestions.

“It’s an improv game where we entertain the audience with wacky made up stories and plot lines,” junior Giancarlo Lizarraga said. “You get to be expressive and make people laugh and have a good time with your friends. It’s an overall fun experience.”

Unlike standard theatre based on memorizing lines and rehearsing, improv is made up entirely on the spot. Students perform scenes based entirely on audience suggestions.

“Being a comedy sportz player is fun because you get to go up on stage and there’s not a huge amount of preparation to go out and perform in front of a huge audience, as opposed to stuff like drama,” junior Julian Bernado said.

Bear Creek has been involved with Comedy Sportz for years. Last year, however, the improv group decided to branch off into their own club due to the lack of funds necessary for Comedy Sportz participation and referee reservation fees.

Instead of being “Comedy Sportz,” they labeled themselves as “BC Comedy.” This dissociation from the organization prevented Bear Creek from being able to compete against other schools, receive official training, and reserve official referees for games.

Luckily, the money accumulated from last year’s shows was enough to pay for the cost of officially joining the Comedy Sportz foundation. This semester, Bear Creek’s improv members were able to join Comedy Sportz and compete against Tokay at an away game.

Competing against a different school was a completely unfamiliar experience for many of Bear Creek’s newest improv performers.

“When you’re playing with people at your own school you don’t get the sense that things are new, but playing against a different school is a new experience where you meet different people,” Bernado said.

“It was fun getting to know new people and seeing their style of improv and collaborating together was really nice and inviting,” Lizarraga said.

Being able to perform with other schools again will allow Comedy Sportz to continuously grow and expand for the years to come.