LanSchool necessary to keep students on track

Having Chromebooks in every classroom is highly beneficial to students and teachers, but only if used properly. Some students use the Chromebooks to play games or to do other things that they weren’t meant for. There needs to be some way for teachers to regulate the use of Chromebooks and to keep students on task.

LanSchool is the solution that Bear Creek needs to pair with the Chromebooks to monitor the way students are using them. Sure, it might be annoying when the LanSchool option pops up on the screen every time someone tries to use a Chromebook and it might be a little eerie knowing a teacher is watching students’ every move on their computer screens in a Big Brother way, but it is a necessary evil.

Without LanSchool, Chromebooks use would be almost uncontrollable. This small amount of surveillance is necessary to ensure that students get the best out of the technology and their time at school. Not only does LanSchool keep students from ignoring their work, but it also allows for easy communication between students and teachers.

Questions don’t have to interrupt the class, tests and quizzes can be given on the Chromebooks without the teacher worrying about cheating, and students can use the online resources for their classes thanks to LanSchool and the Chromebooks.