Students lead the call for kindness

Bear Creek’s campus is not necessarily known for being perfect; students are accustomed to dirty bathrooms and bumping into each other in the halls without an apology. However, recently some students have taken the initiative to help our campus feel more positive and welcoming. With Beautify Bear Creek and the Rachel’s Challenge Club, Bear Creek students can feel more proud of their school.

These two groups are not the first effort to push Bear Creek students into a happier view of their school. Recent years have seen the campus-wide Rachel’s Challenge and the BRUIN Way. However, the Beautify BC and Rachel’s Challenge clubs have taken this to a more personal level. As students they are working to encourage positive attitudes within their peers. The clubs are employing smaller-scale techniques to make the campus friendlier.

The Rachel’s Challenge Club, modeled after Rachel’s Challenge, encourages students to show daily acts of kindness, no matter how small. Club members encourage positivity and an overall pride on the Bear Creek campus. Along with the fresh perspective they hope to bring to the school, the Rachel’s Club members emphasize the importance of togetherness at Bear Creek. Within our community they hope to make a difference for the better.

Beautify Bear Creek works with a similar goal: to inspire an optimistic perspective on our campus and in our students’ everyday lives. Their Take What You Need flyers introduce a fun idea of renewed interactions and their “I love Bear Creek because…” flyers help students look for the great things about our school.

Both clubs’ message is clear and their goal is shared: Beautify BC and the Rachel’s Challenge Club are working to increase school spirit and student positivity on a small scale within Bear Creek’s community.