Toilet Talk 101: Bathrooms

Sandra Sunio, Staff Writer

One thing I will never understand is why some kids ditch class just stay in the school bathrooms all day long. First of all, it reeks in there, and it’s disgusting. Second of all, why even come to school at all?

Last week, during third period, I walked in the bathroom minding my own business to do my own business when I was rudely greeted with side-eye from three underclassmen.

Sheesh, I didn’t know that having to relieve your bladder in a bathroom was a bad thing to do nowadays. I guess that’s no longer a thing now. Instead, bathrooms are for ditching and making Triller videos to post on Instagram.

Anyway, after emptying my bladder, another underclassmen comes to warn the three other girls that admin was coming. Immediately, the girls rush into one stall to hide… I was shook, and all I could ask is why. Why would anyone in their right mind want to hide in a public bathroom stall and bask in the presence of a dirty toilet just to avoid going to class — aka free education given to us as a right?

To conclude this rant…

TOILET TALK 101: Bathrooms are not for leisure; they are for emptying your bladder, bowels, or stomach!!! Let people pee in peace! And please, if you’re going to ditch, stay home instead of in a nasty bathroom — or better yet, don’t ditch. Free education is a right and a privilege. Don’t take it for granted.