David Hancock, Staff Writer

Dear political people,

I was walking to my car when I noticed my boi Khaled waiting by the parking lot, so I offered him a ride home. So I drove him to get Wendy’s (on the condition that he bought me a drink) and then to his house, all the while discussing politics. It was weird because Khaled and I are very opinionated and on very opposite sides of the political spectrum, but we did did this super weird thing where we sat down and talked about our beliefs like civilized people. On most issues, oddly enough, we AGREED!

We agreed that, for the most part, the government sucks. We talked about how the healthcare system is trash, and that the real problem is the corruption and greed within the health industry and how going to the doctor’s shouldn’t be super expensive anyways. Honestly, if the health industry was actually about making people healthy and not money, then there’d be no need for Obamacare anyways because getting medical help would be affordable in the first place.

We also talked about immigration, a subject in which I’m probably more liberal on than most conservatives. We agreed that immigrants are mostly great people, and great workers; and that by coming from another country, starting from the bottom, and working their way to success, they are acting more American than most entitled “Americans” act in their entire lives. I was more understanding of Trump’s policy on immigration because I believe that as the president his duty is to American citizens first and foremost, but we agreed that we have a duty as human beings to look out for each other and save these refugees from their war-torn homeland.

On environmental regulations we agreed that protecting the environment was a good thing, and that reliance on fossil fuels and the corporations that run them and that we should be moving more towards solar, wind, and water powered energy instead. I also proposed nuclear technology because I think it’s rad, but Khaled was more skeptical of that. We also share a common hatred for stupid people, and think that you should at least give a crap about politics before you’re allowed to vote. It’s less of an elitist thing and more of a you-should-value-your-voting thing.

The only big disagreement between me and Khaled was that he’s more supportive of a bigger government and I want a smaller one.

If you’ve learned anything from this, it’s that people aren’t so different after all. Conservative or liberal, democrat or republican, it doesn’t matter. So instead of labeling the other side as stupid and wrong, try speaking to them first. If you look past the labels, look past the stigma, and just talk to someone, you’d learn we all just want what’s best for the world.

David Hancock