God Is Lazy

Aaron Tam, Opinion Editor

These past few weeks, my Christian sister has been blazing with passion to convert me into Christianity. Coming from a family that was traditionally Buddhist, but with Christian sisters I ended up becoming an atheist. I just didn’t want to get involved with all of the doctrines telling me how to live my life or how I need to act. However, I do still believe in a superior being.

But this got me wondering. What if this “supreme being” or for simplicity, God, intended for the human race to become atheist as God grows old.

We have all heard of stories such as Noah’s Ark or Moses water physics, but this was all in the past. Maybe these actions were only made possible by God’s juvenile age. The fact that He was young and held great power in his actions.

Now as time has passed, we would see or hear less of such miracles found in these stories. Instead of going deeper, maybe it is simply because He has been growing old on his sparking nebula bed.

At the same time as we go from the beginning of mankind to modern day, we notice a upward relationship of atheists to time as it passes. Maybe the growth of atheism was a design by god to naturally slip out of his role in supervising mankind.

Atheism, although disapproving of god as an entity itself, was simply God’s retirement plan.

But now that God’s retirement is occurring, who’s gonna take over as the next overseer of mankind. Will mankind simple have to be rely on itself to keep itself alive?

Does God even have kids? Or actually can He even have kids? Or maybe the role of God is simply a career in a bigger world, alike a caretaker of sorts.

Maybe we’ll get a new god as the our current god retires. This possibly is why there were so many gods throughout human history. With gods like Allah, “God”, Zeus, and Thor created throughout human history, maybe all of them did exist at one point.

As one god grows old, another one takes its place, and the next, and the next. A single god never was the correct answer, but simply every god had their time. And now we just move onto a new phase with a new god, or maybe we’ll simply have no god now that mankind has progressed so far from the apes we were.