Letter to the future Helen Le

Helen Le, Feature Editor

To My Future Self:

Everything that I put down here will not be original. You know all things that I did know and do know, but you will have the advantage of growing and learning more that I do not. But there are things that I hope you won’t forget, and since I do not always have the best faith in myself, I will remind you of what I find important right now and my goals for the future — for you.

You have an incredible support system that you should never take for granted.

Your parents are there for you with love and they will help you out in any way that they can.

No matter where they come from or how long they stay, if they are constant or comets, you have friends who encourage and motivate you to strive for greatness in all walks of life. There are those who run and sweat and bleed with you, those who find the same exhilaration and liberation while working out. There are those who walk the hallways with you every day, those who provide a point of focus for academics and keep you in check. There are those you keep in touch without actual contact, those who always circle back into your life or are there but quiet and below the radar, yet with the same importance. And still there are those who can truly read into who you are and contribute so much to the person you will be, those who were always, are always, and will always be there.

And that is not to forget the leaders who have continually directed me to decisions that challenge my comfort level and prepare me for who I will become: you. The authority figures in your life, from your teachers and counselors to your coaches, are similar to the NPCs in games that give you quests to complete, giving you direction in life and assisting you when you struggle yet forcing you never to give up.

It all influences you. But keep the good in your soul. Once you lose that, it’s difficult to come back.

Accordingly, I want to go to college. You are closer to college than I am. Let me know how that goes. On a serious note, just like any other person, I want to find a passion and I want to indulge in that. I hope you have found an interest that you can realistically pursue into a career. You (hopefully) have a better head on your shoulders than I do, so I’m placing my trust in you. Don’t let me down.

And yes, I have recently had a change of heart about future family decisions. Not so much a change of heart as the possibility of one. Nothing is set in stone (something you said in eighth grade; you, not me). It’s kind of exciting to think about. Even just the upcoming months carry steps of your life that I have yet to fill in that you can only look back on now.

Sophie mentioned in her letter that since this isn’t addressed to the past, she can’t give advice or reassure herself that everything is going to be okay. And although the concrete part of that is true — I really can’t tell you anything that you don’t already know and only you know what’s going to happen — I can still tell you to make your days matter. And if you accomplish that, then everything will be okay, no matter what happens. It’s okay to fall sometimes. Take a breath. Keep moving.

And keep everything that’s worth it.

With love,
Helen Le