Strange Addictions #3

David Yang, Entertainment Editor

Everyone has addictions. Some are normal while others… are not. When an individual hears the word addiction, an image that may come to mind may be of a drug addict or junkee who cannot overcome the desire to consume harmful substances.

However, not all addictions are dangerous. In fact, many of the everyday things that we do in life are actually addictions. We just don’t realize it.

For example, listening to music and eating salty or spicy food are examples of unrecognized everyday addictions.

Although the following addictions are not as drastic as being addicted to marijuana, these next addictions clearly are not normal in the sense that they are not a common occurrence in society.

“Everything has to be organized according to a numerical order,” junior Eric Benitez said. “If they’re not then I’d go berserk.”

Junior Marute Chan says that he has an addiction for picking scabs.

“I find myself picking [scabs] unconsciously.”

“I tend to bite my nails a lot,” junior George Trammel said. “I don’t just do it when I’m feeling nervous.”

Junior Chris Gevara says that he’s addicted to Wingstop.

“I go there pretty much everyday. I might seem strange but I can’t help it.”

“I play video games every day,” junior Victor Teas said. “I have to get at least an hour in every day otherwise I feel unfulfilled.”

What truly defines a strange addiction? Although there is no clear definition, the best description would probably be that a strange addiction is widely believed to be uncommon and rare, and thus would be considered strange by the community. The individual with the addiction may be ostracized by their peers and shunned by society.

Even though these addictions may seem odd, it is important to remember that addictions persist in all of our daily lives. Therefore, we should not ridicule these individuals for their so-called-strange addictions. So instead of ostracizing someone for their addictive habits, remember that yours may not be as normal as you may think they are.