If I were a fictional character, I’d be Ginny Weasley

Kylie Yamada, Feature Writer

Who would I be if I was a fictional character? I would probably be a combination of Alina Starkov from the Grisha Trilogy (one of my favorite book series) and Phoebe Heyerdahl from Hey Arnold (because Liz says it works).

Alina Starkov is the main character of the book series, and has the unique ability of being able to control light. Within the Grisha Trilogy, certain characters can control specific substances such as metal, fire, or even darkness. My friend Lily gave me the idea that I’m similar to Alina, and I think I can see it. We both have like the idea of having powerful abilities. Plus, Alina is really cool in the books.

The other 50% of fictional me would be Phoebe from Hey Arnold. Truthfully, I know very little about Phoebe Heyerdahl, but Wikipedia tells me that she’s half-Japanese and the smartest girl in her class. Roughly 50% of that also applies to me, so I suppose she makes sense. At the very least, she has some pretty boss glasses.

Now, if I could choose which fictional character I would be, I would choose to be Ginny Weasley, because the Weasleys are an awesome family which I would love to be part of. Also, Ginny’s one of my favorite Harry Potter characters.