‘He’s like another Dad to me’

Dosty Takes CWA position

‘He’s like another Dad to me’

Emma Snyder, Staff Writer

After serving four years as Asst. Principal, Dr. Allen Dosty will be taking on a new position next year for Lodi USD’s Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) program.

Starting in July, Dosty will be working in his position as the Program Coordinator for Child Welfare & Attendance/Student Services, which monitors the Lodi Unified expulsion process, attendance concerns, and the Homeless and Foster Youth program.

“Leaving Bear Creek will be bittersweet,” Dosty said. “Bear Creek has truly been special to me in multiple ways.”

Dosty has been known to be close with his students, showing them the definition of “tough love” and always providing the support they need.

“The past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster,” Dosty said. “The relationships I have built within the Bear Creek family are relationships I hold very dearly.”

Vice Principal Sera Baysinger has worked with Dosty since before he came to Bear Creek, and all the four years he’s been at this school.

“I’m very excited for Dosty to move to a new position and share his knowledge to a new part of Lodi Unified and be a leader,” Baysinger said. “Dosty has helped to encourage growth at Bear Creek.”

Dosty said Bear Creek’s diversity has taught him many lessons that he will carry with him to his new position.

“Bear Creek has taught me to be patient when engaging with students and parents,” Dosty said. “Also, when working with our students, I’ve learned that we as administration can’t be afraid to step outside our comfort zone.”

Senior Brian Berna has known Dosty since the seventh grade said Dosty has made a huge impact on Bear Creek students.

“He’s like another Dad to me,” Berna said. “Once you get to know him, he’s an amazing, caring person.”

Many students look at Dosty as a father figure.

“He came in our freshman year and is now leaving when we are graduating,” Berna said. “The sad thing is that he won’t be following us to college.”

Senior Mary Alzammar says that everyone at Bear Creek will miss him.

“He’s the type of person who everyone could go to for support and he would never judge,” Alzammar said. “He’s a natural born leader.”
Four years ago, Dosty stepped into a position that would change his life.

“The children I have met here have taught me to care for each of them as they are my own,” Dosty said.