Pot use led to drug testing


Most kids on Halloween go trick-or-treating, egging, stealing or experimenting with drugs. Halloween for me always seemed like a time for free candy and immature activities — but that soon changed.

High school had just started and marijuana was becoming easily accessible. It seemed like everyone at Bear Creek was either selling or doing drugs. Even in this marijuana-filled environment, I stayed as clean as possible until Halloween of 2015, when the peer pressure truly hit me.

I was hanging out with my friends, expecting our general recklessness, but this time my friend brought weed and a bong and we started smoking.

The strand of the marijuana was “Blue Dream,” which is a hybrid between a Sativa and an Indica. According to Leafly, “Blue Dream” leaves a user feeling relaxed, uplifted, euphoric and creative. However, it does come with some negative effects — among them are dry eyes, paranoia, dizziness and anxiety.

For me, the first effects of “Blue Dream” were happiness, hunger and a feeling of being focused on everything that was going on around me.

I felt kind of like a genius. Everything around me began to make sense in life. I began to evaluate every bad decision I had ever made in life.

All of my friends started to leave and we went over to a different friend’s house, where there were five boxes of pizza. I felt enchantment as soon as I saw pizza and wanted to devour every slice.

I had never eaten so much in my entire life; the whole box of cheese pizza was gone within a matter of minutes. My feelings soon began to change because I realized I had to walk home with bloodshot eyes and pizza sauce all over my face.

Paranoia began to fill my mind because soon enough I had to face my mom stoned out of my mind. I began to shake and tweak as I thought about how my mom would react if she found out I was high.

As soon as I came home I magically spun back into control and lost all my paranoia. Thank god my mom was asleep and everything seemed normal.
I smoked weed a couple more times in my freshman year until I started having terrible paranoia and panic attacks.

I took a long break from smoking weed, but then in the middle of my sophomore year I started again, until October 2016, when my neighbor called the cops on me for smoking weed and the cops told my parents.

Now, my mom drug tests me regularly. That was the last time I smoked and will probably be the last time until college.