Pot helps my stress levels


My first experience with marijuana was in the beginning of my sophomore year. I had been dealing with a lot of family issues and had just gone through a breakup, and I was feeling very lost. One of my close friends had recently started dabbling in weed and alcohol, and her stories began to spark my interest.

I listened to her talk about the uplifted, detached, and worry-free feelings associated with being high, and wondered if that was the answer to my plethora of problems.

One day, she pulled me aside and opened up her backpack. Inside, I saw a little plastic Ziplock bag with a brownie in it. When I asked her what it was, she laughed and told me it was an edible, as if I was just supposed to know. I remember exactly how I felt: uneasy and excited at the same time.

Before that moment, I has never had any experiences with drugs or alcohol. I was a good student, always on honor roll – essentially, a teacher’s pet. I participated in sports, clubs, and I held down a job. All of my closest friends were good kids, who I knew would never even think of doing drugs and judged anyone who did. I wasn’t ready to throw all of that away.

Despite all those feelings, my fingers wrapped around that Ziploc bag and gingerly lifted it out of the backpack. We split it in half and shared, and I remember her calling me weird because I liked the way it tasted. For a long time, I didn’t feel anything, then it hit me like a truck.
All of the feelings everyone always talked about suddenly made sense to me. Colors were brighter. I wasn’t thinking about school, or my family, or my ex. I could feel every molecule in my body. I felt more in tune with myself and with nature than I’d ever been before. I felt like I was floating.

When I came down from the high, all I wanted to do was sleep. Once I woke up, I did all of my homework and then went back to bed. The next day, everything was back to normal. I didn’t know why I thought I’d feel different, but I didn’t. After using it, I didn’t understand why people were against marijuana at all.

Since that day I’ve used marijuana fairly regularly. It helps me cope with my stress and anxiety, and I’ve personally noticed a positive difference in my mental health. I did not have to give up all of the things I was worried about losing. I still maintain a 3.6 GPA, play sports, participate in clubs and AP classes, and work multiple jobs. My friends eventually got over their shock, and still support and love me no matter what.
I smoke weed, and I’m a more healthy, happy, productive member of society because of it.