Relive childhood bliss through movies and cartoons

Serra Raquel, Entertainment Editor

Every time I’m sick I find myself drawn to channels like Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, or films from Disney or Dreamworks; if I have a bad day, the best medicine has proven to be a long marathon of classic Disney films.

Is this obsession with children’s movies a sign of immaturity? Some could say that cartoons are just for kids and are something that I should have outgrown already.

So what is it about children’s entertainment that makes me come back for more, specifically when I am under the weather or not feeling like myself?
There’s nothing quite like the uplifting melodies of Disney films to cheer me up. The wisdom in “Colors of the Wind,” the optimism in “Go the Distance,” the determination in “Almost There” and the ambition in “How Far I’ll Go” never fail to lift my spirits.

Each story contains a relatable protagonist going on an adventure, following their dreams, and discovering some important lesson. These types of stories can be quite inspiring for someone who is feeling lost or uncertain about life.

A sense of light-hearted purity is imbedded in cartoons. Many times the underdog overcomes her obstacles and realizes the true meaning of his relationships with family, friends or even herself.

My obsession with cartoons and children’s movies is quite possibly my desperate attempt to hold on to my slowly dwindling childhood. As I grow older, the feeling of nostalgia has drastically become more important to me.

Cartoons are associated with a time when life was a lot simpler. I remember watching “Toy Story” with my brother, “Fox and the Hound” with my mother, or “Finding Nemo” with my nana.

These films remind me of the bliss and love I feel towards my family and, to this day, watching them gives me the comfort that I experience when I’m around loved ones.

Children’s movies are created with the purpose of teaching children important lessons that they are to carry with them throughout the remainder of their lives. Revisiting some childhood favorites could be a good reminder of these important values.

Plus, almost every children’s movie contains a common message: good will beat evil. High school is a time where life will present many conflicting emotions that are hard to process and deal with. The complexity of human existence begins to dominate life.

These happy children’s movies can serve as a sort of escape from reality.

We long for this simplistic depiction of life with happy endings to distract us from the corruption we see in the world today.

Some things you are never too old for — and cartoons and children’s programs will quit possible remain a guilty pleasure for the rest of my life. So, don’t be ashamed to revisit your childhood.