Okay — I was wrong, Raider Nation!

Marino Dominguez, Staff Writer

The Las Vegas Raiders, The Las Vegas Raiders, The Las Vegas Raiders. Got to get used to saying that.

I will admit, I was wrong. Prior to Bank of America’s commitment to filling Sheldon Adelson’s funding gap, the majority of people, myself included, thought for sure that the Raiders were staying in Oakland.

The move was made official in late March with a 31-1 vote — the Miami Dolphins as the sole holdout. The vote was expected to pass after the more reliable Bank of America replaced Sheldon Adelson, who left the deal due to the Raiders’ “lack of professionalism and reliability.”

For the Raiders, founded in Oakland in 1960, this relocation will be their third (Oakland-Los Angeles, Los Angeles-Oakland, Oakland-Las Vegas).

Personally, I can’t wait for the new stadium. The $1.9 billion stadium is expected to be one of the greatest in football, with state-of-the-art construction and an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip, one of the most iconic sights in the world. The stadium will also include a transparent roof, which will likely be retractable.

However, other Raiders fans across the nation have recently ditched the team, feeling betrayed by owner Mark Davis and the organization itself.
But this move is a good thing. I love the Raiders, and I truly mean that. But the key thing in that sentence is Raiders. I love the team, not necessarily the city.

Oakland was great for the Raiders, and in my mind I will always think of them as the Oakland Raiders. But Oakland turned its back on the Raiders; Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf denied the Raiders’ request to fulfill a certain partial stadium cost, which in turn cost the city its team. The Raiders’ move is not ideal, but I have always said that even if they became the Shanghai Raiders, I’d still be a die-hard fan.

And to be honest, I watch football for the game, not the fans.

After the vote, Davis gave a heartfelt response to Oakland fans, saying he “was not celebrating the move” and that “he shares the hurt that many Bay Area fans feel right now.”

The Raiders had tried tirelessly, according to Davis, to get a world-class stadium built at the coliseum site, but real talks fell through when their long-time ally, the Oakland Athletics, signed a 10-year lease extension with the Oakland Coliseum in 2014. Davis had even tried to sell up to 20 percent of the Raiders to the A’s, but said they were “uninterested.”

In reality, no matter where the Raiders play, one mantra holds true with all Raider fans and Raider Nation abroad. Just win, baby.