Throwing Bucks to the wind

BRUIN Bucks are a remnant of a simpler, better time — a time devoid of worries and enhanced with a primitive reward system for good behavior. That’s right, we’re referring to elementary school.

Students used to be rewarded for cleaning up trash at lunch, doing their work, or even being a good friend when they attended John Muir, Julia Morgan, or Manlio Silva elementary schools and struggled to learn right from wrong. Now the system is back and none of the students at Bear Creek can wait to be recognized for their actions that are typical of any good person!

Throwing the idea that the BRUIN Bucks — sometimes colloquially known as BB — is demeaning into the wind, students rush to the student store with their BBs in hand. The prospect of getting a pen or a shirt for nothing but good service is too good of a deal to ignore!

The BB incentive system is the same as giving a kid a trophy for participation. Students should do good deeds or act like a decent human being because they want to and because they know it is the right thing to do, not because they have the opportunity to obtain a highly coveted pen.