One Last Time

David Hancock, Staff Writer

My dear readers,

Two weeks ago I told myself I was so sick of school and I was angry that the school year took so long and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I told myself I was sick of all the graduation melodrama and that I didn’t care much about leaving high school. I told myself I was ready to just pack up and leave. I told myself I wouldn’t cry.

I was stupid. Today the feels hit me like a truck. More like a train, actually.

I’m graduating. I’m leaving high school, leaving MY school. Bear Creek has been my school, my home, for the past four years of my life.

It was here that I grew from a boy into an older boy. It was here that I stood on a stage and shouted the f-word and received a howling of laughter in response. It was here that I learned to dance with my class, and learned to wink at hot upperclassmen girls while doing so. It was here that I witnessed an entire world of culture in one day, four times! It was here that I fell in love, and then out of it, and then in again, and out again a couple of times. It was here that I learned how much I loved to write, and it is here that I am writing to you for the last time.

As if leaving my school wasn’t enough, I’m going to college in New York City, so I’m leaving my home town and even my home state. Shit.

I put off feeling like this for a long time. I didn’t want to think about leaving, I couldn’t. I was actually worried that it’d be too easy for me to leave to New York; I was worried I’d have nothing to miss. Well, congratulations Stockton, I’m gonna miss the hell out of you.

I’m going to miss Sho-mi, my favorite restaurant. I’m going to miss Oak Park, miss Lodi Lake. I’m going to miss the movie theaters. I’m going to miss Empressos. Most of all, I’m going to miss going to these place with the people I love.

Maybe I’m just being dramatic, as I usually am. I’ll be back for summers and over Christmas, and I might even be back after college is over. Just maybe though. Still, I am leaving, so I guess it’s a big deal.

Thank you, my dear readers. Thank you for listening to my rants, my abstract thoughts, my emotional breakdowns, all of it. Thank you readers, thank you Bear Creek, thank you Stockton.

This was one last Dose of David. Maybe I’ll write more things like this later in life, but for now this is goodbye.

David Hancock