New first day schedule starts ’17-’18

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

Although most students can’t think beyond the next week and the start of summer, 2017-18 student government is already planning the first day back to school.

“The entire purpose of the first day operation is to make the Class of 2021’s transition into Bear Creek as seamless as possible,” 2017-18 ASB president Rajan Nathaniel, a junior, said.

Some freshmen like Tiara Meyers and Hailey Combs-Coski have said that the first year of high school was very hard for them to get used to and they wished that they had more help finding their way around campus.

“The first day after freshman orientation, I could not find any of my classes,” Meyers said. “I didn’t have many people to ask for help so it took me about 10 minutes to find my class.”

Classes will rotate at the beginning of the day in stations according to grade level and subject; for example, all 9th graders will be assigned an English or P.E. teacher who will lead them through the four rotations. The first station will be used to teach students about “the BRUIN Way” and explain the rules and expectations. The second station is a fun session in the quad that will give students an opportunity to buy the new ASB card or spirit clothes in the student store.

The ASB card will allow students to receive a discount on items in the student store.

The third station will serve as a planning guide for each student’s academic life.

“Freshman orientation did not help us much, so I think the idea of the special first day is good,” Combs-Coski said.

The final station includes taking a class panoramic picture and signing a banner or gradation gown as a commitment to graduate. The signed graduation gown will be worn by the senior speaker at graduation. Sophomores will receive a mini diploma, juniors will receive a diploma with a countdown to graduation, and the seniors will receive information about Achievers which is a graduation organization for seniors that provides items in the graduation ceremony, like cap and gown.

Although the stations are relateable to all grade levels, the overriding purpose of the day is to help freshmen adjust.

“I believe that the first day is a vital stepping point into the school year,” Nathaniel said. “It will allow the students to be introduced to a more class friendly high school environment.”

The rotations will be followed by lunch and a mini-rally to help freshmen understand rally protocols and make them more comfortable with cheering and being competitive in class competitions.

Lunch and rallies will be followed by 15 minute periods where students follow their own schedule and get a chance to meet each of their teachers for the year. Teachers will have an opportunity to hand out their syllabus and explain course expectations.

After meeting with teachers and getting comfortable with other students on campus, students will have 34 minutes of free time called “Get It Done” to check out textbooks or make appointments to see their counselor. Information about various clubs and programs offered on campus will also be available during this time.