Media campaign reminds us why ‘Stockton is home

Chloe Johnson, Staff Writer

The “Stockton is Home” campaign is a social media campaign started in February 2017 by Stockton native Jasmine Leek on Twitter. It has since expanded to other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

It features videos of Stockton residents from all walks of life sharing their stories, and other residents have the opportunity to share photos and stories in order to perpetuate a positive image towards Stockton.

Leek is a marketing consultant in town, and started the campaign after hearing lots of negativity from Stockton residents about their home.

“Stockton is a place that really is no different than other cities across the country that have experienced kind of a lack of regard or disinvestment, as resources become smaller and more scarce,” Leek said in a interview with CBS Sacramento.

The narrative videos can be found on Twitter and YouTube, and feature speakers such as Stockton-raised astronaut José Hernández and local entrepreneur Amy Sieffert.

“It’s one thing if we tell you positive things about Stockton,” City of Stockton spokesperson Connie Cochran said in an online statement. “But it’s even better if people who live here tell you why they make Stockton home.”

The campaign has been well received by Stockton natives.

“I think it’s cool because Stockton really can be a cool place, but many people don’t want to take the time to figure that out for themselves,” junior Jamie Dennis said. “Having positive stories on social media makes it easily accessible and kind of hard to miss.”

The campaign has produced and released about half a dozen videos is the months since its conception, and plans to release more in the near future.
“The power of social media is just incredible to be able to connect directly with the other person on the other end that’s reading your message, is really important and being able to be authentic in the delivery of that message is really important,” Leek said. “It’s important to have those conversations with people and be able to use that using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is really, really cool.”