Talent Show raises over $1,000 for Make-a-Wish

Sandra Sunio, Staff Writer

Not only does Bear Creek have diversity, it also has talent.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation held its third annual talent show on Friday, May 12 where over a dozen Bruins showcased their talent.

Seniors Liz Malone, Casey Faamausili and Breyana Hilliard kicked off the show with lots of energy as the emcees, reciting Faamausili’s game day raps from the morning announcements with their own Make-A-Wish twist.

A majority of the acts featured singers, totaling 12 different singing acts (acapella, piano, acoustic, mash-ups); two of the singing acts took second and third place. The rest of the performances included dance, rap, and the piano.

Judges included 2015-2016 Make-A-Wish president Ashley Pana, choir and piano teacher Katherine Nash and special education teacher Linda Pianto.
Senior Dalin Nelson took third place with his acoustic mash-up of Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” and Howie Day’s “Collide.” As the last act, all performers joined Nelson onstage and sang along with him and the audience.

Junior Erin Baquiran took second place playing her original song “Some Place to Go” on the ukulele with some beat-boxing. She dedicated her performance to her mom and sister.

Junior Cameron Armond took home the first place trophy by showcasing his passion for dancing with a freestyle to NGHTMRE & Boombox Cartel’s “Aftershock.” Armond said he was very nervous in the moments leading up to his performance, but in the end, he said he was very happy and proud to be able to show everyone his passion for dancing.

“When I was performing, I had my family in head, and I [felt like] I had God on my side,” Armond said. “After that, when I actually won, it brought out the passion in me. Having the people that [doubted me] and said that I couldn’t dance in the crowd and realize, ‘Oh, this dude can actually do stuff,’ … It was great.”

After Armond was named the winner of the talent show, the crowd cheered for more, and he wowed the crowd with more moves.

From the noise level of the audience throughout the show, each act was equally as enjoyable as every other, even intermission. During the intermission time, the emcees called people up from the audience to dance battle Hilliard. They also raffled off a Make-A-Wish t-shirt and candy to anyone that purchased a ticket.

The crowd seemed especially entertained by juniors Aryssa Tadena and Lily Tran’s unique singing/comedy show mash-up of Disney’s “Moana” and “High School Musical.” They called it “The Story of Two Girls: One Who Longed to Be on the Sea and One Who Was Under It.”

Junior Nick To, who performed an acoustic mash-up with junior Bronte Trocino, said it was his first time performing in front of a big crowd, but he enjoyed performing and watching nonetheless.

“I was really nervous … but I was glad I got over my stage fright,” To said. “It was a really cool experience watching everyone show off their talents and perform in front of the crowd.”

Overall, the Make-A-Wish Foundation raised over $1,000 for the Matching Gift Challenge which will directly help 20 kids with life-threatening diseases within the local chapter.

“Hearing that all the proceeds go toward children with life-threatening diseases is a win-win situation for both the foundation and Bear Creek students, because people get to show off their talents while raising money for the charity,” junior Justine Yadao said.