Homecoming Biographies: Ali Biddle & Randy Cabral


Biddle: [My greatest success would be] achieving high honors every quarter for all 4 years and passing my AP exams that I take at the end of the year. I have been involved in the cheer program for all 4 years and this year I am varsity captain, I have also been involved in swim for all 4 years as well. I also participate in CSF and NHS. There are too many to name.

I love making new memories every day with all of my friends that love and support me for who I am, especially my best friend Lisa Akai.

I would like to go to either San Diego State University or Fresno State to become a speech language pathologist.

My biggest fear is being alone. My dream is to be successful in college and live a stable life with a family. My favorite oldie song is “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston because I literally wouldn’t have anything if it weren’t for my loving friends who are always there for me.

I would like to give a shoutout to my best friend, Lisa Akai and Mom, Dad, and two sisters.

CabralI’d say that the accomplishments that I’m most proud of would be creating and building relationships with students not only from Bear Creek but from other high schools, making the basketball team, and the best for last, making it into Link Crew. The sports that I’m involved in are Basketball, Golf, and Track. The clubs I am involved in are Key Club, Kababayan, Life Club, Nerd Club, Pets N Pals, Pride Club, Swing, Punjabi Junction and BC Latinos.

I’d say that my favorite high school memory would probably be going to leadership camp. Leadership camp helped me build and grow bonds with other students and staff, learn how to be a proper leader and role model for other people and it allowed me to see a greater side of people that I had never seen before.

My plans after high school are to attend college, graduate from college, get a job, acquire money, buy a house, start my own family, and travel the world with my family or significant other.

Honestly I’d say that I have many things I’m scared of but nothing that I fear. This a really specific dream but I want to be in a house that me and my significant other bought together and we’d cook breakfast together while listening to some throwbacks and once breakfast is ready I’d call our children to the dining table and we’d have breakfast as family and my significant other and I would roast our children while we’re all having breakfast.

I’d say my favorite oldie song would be “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson. I consider it my favorite oldie song because whenever I hear it it makes me incredibly happier. It’s also my favorite oldie song because in the song Michael Jackson says “Relax your mind, lay back and groove with mine”; these lyrics are really important to me because I believe that if I just relax, live life to the fullest, and spread peace, love and positivity then I can serve as a beacon, allowing the spread of these traits to others.

I would like to give a shoutout to Nick and Travis and my Momma, Older Sister and Younger Sister.