Homecoming Biographies: Claudia Cardenas & Lamar Lillard


CardenasMy proudest accomplishments in high school include keeping myself always dedicated to my school work and grades. Other accomplishments I am proud of include breaking out of my comfort zones. I am involved in Red Cross and CSF.

[My favorite memories are] going to the dances, participating in class dances for Winterfest, Friday night lights, and meeting amazing people (they know who they are).

[I want to] go straight to a 4-year university such as Sac State and become a math teacher.

My biggest fear is losing the people I love. My dream is to one day live stress-free and financially stable. My favorite oldie is “Try Me” by James Brown because of it’s really sweet and romantic tone; it also has me wishing that I could travel back in time to the ’50s.

Shoutouts: Ana Garcia and Bronte Trocino; My sister Sissy, mom, and dad

LillardMy proudest accomplishments were me maintaining my grades while me being an athlete. It was hard but I still went for it and never gave up. [I’m involved in] Cross country, fFootball, wrestling, theater

[My favorite memory is] competing against other schools and traveling to different places. Meeting new people from city to city. Learning to do new things.

My plan after high school is to serve my country as a military officer. My dream is to retire as a military officer then come back to become a police officer and protect my city.

[My favorite oldie is] “Hello Stranger” by Barbara Lewis because it reminds of the good old days [when I lived] with my grandma.

Shoutouts: Niya, Steven and Anthony; Mon Ronie, Davina and David