Forming deep bonds with teachers is a lesson never forgotten

Serra Raquel, Staff Writer

I’ve had many great teachers throughout the years — teachers who I will most likely remember for the rest of my life. The most important quality I have found in my teachers is their ability to relate to the minds of their students.

Although it’s assumed that this is an important trait that all teachers should have, throughout my experience as a student, it has proven to be rather uncommon.

However, one teacher in particular has proved to be an ideal role model at Bear Creek.

Though she is at the beginning of her teaching career, history teacher Melanie Vieira has already set a great example on how to approach teaching.

Young, eager, and enthusiastic, she commands her class with a smile on her face and an open environment dedicated to forming bonds with each and every student.

“I think my content is important, but honestly, just my interactions and conversations that I have with my students mean a lot more,” Vieira said. “If you don’t have a relationship with your students it is harder to inspire them.”

Through my experience with Vieira, I’ve learned that teaching isn’t just about books and grades. Knowledge is important, but the best way to inspire youth to take their ambition and apply it to their goals is to connect with them personally.

Vieira often took the time to sit in front of the class and chat about her life. Though this information gave me no insight on the history of the United States, learning more about my teacher made me more invested in the class.

Things that may seen trivial, such as the updates on her dog or her obsession with Dollar Tree, may well be the most important building block to form the foundation of a relationship.

Numerous students find themselves confiding in Vieira for advice or just someone to talk to. Allowing her students to get to know her personally makes it easier for students to decide to reach out.

A key aspect of school is connecting with teachers. Every student should find something in each teacher to latch onto.

Our teachers chose this profession for a reason. Students should take advantage of their teachers’ efforts and let their lessons inspire them.