From Daisy Dukes to Bermudas — and the space between

Lily Tran, Feature Editor

Fashion trends are ever-changing. The ‘20s brought flapper dresses decorated in sequins and eccentric style; the’ 50s brought midi skirts and a fitted waist; the ‘70s brought daisy duke shorts. The style of short-shorts have made a prominent comeback — much to administration’s chagrin.

Most teenagers have a pair of shorts in their wardrobe. These shorts most likely don’t follow the school dress code in accordance to the school handbook: shorts must reach a student’s fingertips.

“Shorts are difficult to determine if it’s a dress code violation,” Vice-Principal Sera Baysinger said. “Fingertip length is different for everyone.”

“I think it’s ridiculous to [dress-code shorts] at the fingertips,” senior Alyssa Erickson said. “It would be more compromisable to go to mid palm for people with longer arms.”

Aside from differences in fingertip length, other physical factors call for a more outspoken reaction to the length of a student’s shorts. Some students have longer legs than another that emphasize the short length of the shorts, and these students are often called out by other students and staff.

“We’ve tried variety of ways to measure it; all of them prove problematic,” Baysinger said. “We have to ensure that all necessary parts of the body are covered.”

Due to the subjective determination of what is and isn’t in accordance with the dress code, many students get away with wearing short shorts.

“Most of my shorts end about an inch or two under my butt,” senior Lisa Akai said.

Shorts have become shorter and shorter over the years, and fashion stores have embraced the trend.

“[Short shorts] are what I find in stores,” senior Gabriella Larez said. “Most stores these days don’t sell actual long shorts unless you get capris.”

“It’s hard to find shorts long enough to fit the dress code,” Akai said. “You’d have to resort to jeans, which defeats the whole purpose of wearing shorts.”

Short shorts are the most popular style in stores. The inseam length for this style is typically purchased in the 2.5-3 inch length, but the shortest pairs are sold with 2.25 inch inseams. Mid-thigh length shorts are another style that is sold with an inseam that is typically 4-5 inches and bermuda shorts are another style that reach a typical 8-10 inch inseam length.

The short shorts style is also increasingly popular because of their casualness, ease-of-access and comfort.

“I think [shorts] are a comfortable thing to wear easily,” Akai said.

Despite the popularity of short shorts, the fashion trend makes complying with the school dress code difficult.

“The purpose of having and enforcing a dress code is to maintain a business professional atmosphere,” Baysinger said.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry has yet to receive that memo.