“Honey, how was your day?”

Helen Le, Editor-in-Chief

Bear Creek High School may not be the most romantic place in Stockton, but seeing one’s significant other every day in any setting is always a plus. The same goes for married teachers on campus.

Johnathon Clemons, the AP European History and AP Government and Economics teacher, and Lauren Clemons, née Fromm, the Pre-AP Biology and CP biology teacher, were married this summer on June 24th. They met at Elkhorn Middle School in 2001 and have been dating for about eight years since college before their wedding. Ending up at the same school for their profession was incidental and fortunate.

“It just kind of worked out that way,” Clemons said. “I was subbing for a year, she was teaching at Lodi High for a year… There just ended up being a spot in both departments [at Bear Creek].”

The coincidence also occurred for Paula Camp, the SDC Mild/Moderate and SCC Special Ed teacher of Reading Intervention, and Reggie Camp, the head football coach, who have been married for 35 years. Mrs. Camp began subbing for LUSD in 2015 and interviewed for her permanent job at Bear Creek after long-term subbing for Special Ed classes.

“I ended up getting [this job] so it’s [like] the stars all lined up and it just happened,” Mrs. Camp said. “That’s what’s so amazing.”

Even then, Bear Creek is not the first school the two have worked for at the same time.

“This is not the first rodeo for Paula and [me],” Coach Camp said. “[We’ve been] in business for almost 30 years… I had the pleasure of coaching with her while at Lincoln High School.”

Both are also involved in the Football Academy that debuts this year, which started with the assistance of Coach Camp and Counselor Ren Pham-Peck.

“It’s nice that everything my husband seems to be involved in, I’m a part of also,” Mrs. Camp said. “So I like it. I really do.”

Teaching at the same school as one’s spouse has its benefits, promoting conversation about common events.

“We both have a shared experience, so we know what’s going on in the same location, which is fun,” Fromm said.

Most often, teachers appreciate the additional time they can spend with their husband or wife during the day.

“We get to have lunch every day, which is fun,” Clemons said. “Sometimes we have the same prep as each other, so we get to see each other.”

Even with the same lunch schedule, though, Mrs. Camp does not see her husband at work every day. Still, the common workplace allows for the convenience of seeing each other more often than just at home.

“[The coolest part] is that I get to see him on a regular basis,” Mrs. Camp said. “When I see his amazing face, it makes me smile.”

The couples say the only concerns about teaching on the same campus revolve around the similar student body that both teachers have.

“I guess [a drawback would be] like if there’s a student that doesn’t like one of us and they complain to the other,” Clemons said. “It’s like trying to balance out defending your significant other but also being sympathetic to students that want to gripe about another teacher.”

Even then, however, teachers in general have the advantage of telling other teachers of expectations of students they have had.

“[In years] especially… like this year, where [my wife] teaches Pre-AP Bio [with] a lot of freshmen, she can tell me about a lot of them when I get them next year in AP Euro when they’re sophomores,” Clemons said.

Ultimately, teachers muse about their situation in a light filled with love.

“I seriously believe Bear Creek is fortunate to have someone like Paula Camp on campus,” Coach Camp said. “She’s very nurturing, loves the kids, and she really enjoys her job.”

“It’s great to be able to come to work every day and work with your spouse every day,” Mrs. Camp said. “How great is that? How lucky!”