Meme of the Week

Marso Beltran, Staff Writer

One viral meme for this week is a YouTube video by the title of “Man’s Not Hot,” a freestyle video of an obscure rapper by the name of “Roadman Shaq” in a recording studio. The video starts off as a regular freestyle but turns into comedic lyrical genius as he starts his first verse. The video ends with Roadman Shaq going into an erratic machine gun rap of ad libs. Some of these ad libs include: skibiki-pa-pa, skrraahh and pap pap ka-ka-ka. Many find humor in that it seems to mock the new music trend of overwhelming ad libs. However, the memes don’t stop here. Not only are people imitating these ad libs, singing them arbitrarily throughout the day; meme pages have taken initiative to dub the ad libs into iconic movie scenes and viral videos. Some excellent examples include: the Saving Private Ryan Normandy beach scene and the IT conversation in the sewer scene. Both these videos employ the element of surprise during tense movie scenes for humor. With popular culture references and outrageous noises, this meme is certainly dank certified.