Teacher Spotlight: LaRue

Eric Benitez, Staff Writer

There are many teachers here at Bear Creek. Most teachers don’t get the recognition they deserve. Among these unsung heroes includes Laura LaRue.

Ms. Laura LaRue has been teaching at Bear Creek High School for over 10 years. She is currently the AP Literature and Composition teacher, taking over after the retirement of Lynda Farrar, and is also the advisor for Student Government and Student Activities.

Ms. LaRue graduated with her bachelor’s in English from Fresno State and proceeded to attend University of the Pacific for her master’s degree. She began her career at Bear Creek teaching CP English before becoming one of the Pre-AP English 10 and AP English Language and Composition teachers.

After Mr. Heberle stepped down as Student Government advisor in 2014, Ms. LaRue was approached to take over the position.

“I was excited to be given the opportunity to become involved in our school” LaRue said.  LaRue even created a new class to assist Student Government: Student Activities.

Under Ms. LaRue, Student Government and Activities have successfully put on a number of events, including International Rally and school dances.

Though she has received criticism for some of the changes to the rally schedule, such as rallies now happening during 6th period instead of 2nd period as in years prior, Ms. Larue doesn’t let anything get in the way of her job.

Ms. LaRue has been regarded by students as a teacher who genuinely cares about teaching and making an impact on her student’s lives.

Despite all the stress that her new responsibilities bring, Ms. LaRue wouldn’t give up any of her titles.

“I love what I do”, LaRue said, “I would never stop doing [any of it].”